Charlie S Angels Poster Farrah Fawcett

The series was created by ivan goff and ben roberts and was produced by aaron spelling it follows the crime fighting adventures of three women working in a private detective agency in los angeles california and originally starred.

Charlie s angels poster farrah fawcett. Farrah fawcett became an actress known for her beauty and compassionate nature. Fawcett s appearance in the television show boosted sales of her poster and she earned far more in royalties from poster sales than from her salary for appearing in charlie s angels. To become their newest pinup.

As june 25 marked the 11th anniversary of her passing we looked at memorable moments in her career from that swimsuit poster to her role in charlie s angels at the age of 62 farrah fawcett passed away on june 25 2009 in santa monica california. The photograph did not help only fawcett to reach fame based on her astounding beauty but also boosted the reputations of photographer bruce mcbroom the trikilis brothers poster company pro arts inc and the designer of the red swimsuit norma kamali. Charlie s angels star jaclyn smith reflects on battling breast cancer farrah fawcett ap according to the publication fawcett was approached in 1976 by pro arts inc.

Fawcett had just been cast in charlie s angels the tv series that would launch her to stardom and the image mcbroom captured that day would go on to become the biggest selling poster of all time. For farrah fawcett 1976 was a big year besides achieving breakout success on the small screen as one of charlie s angels that was the year her iconic swimsuit poster was released this pinup. Stars kate jackson jaclyn smith and farrah fawcett became famous for their portrayal of police.

It s among the all time most iconic images of a teenage symbol and is thought to be the biggest selling pinup poster in. But the legacy of this one photo of fawcett with her massive 70s hair and million dollar smile stretched far beyond farrah s one season as jill munroe. Her hairstyle went on to become an international trend with women sporting a farrah do a farrah flip or simply farrah hair.

Charlie s angels is an american crime drama television series that aired on abc from september 22 1976 to june 24 1981 producing five seasons and 115 episodes. Charlie s angels farrah fawcett s rise from iconic swimsuit poster to mega stardom from her love with ryan o neal spanning decades to roles on charlie s angels the burning bed and more her. Farrah fawcett s red swimsuit poster was released in 1976 the same year charlie s angels made her a television star.

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