Australian World War 1 Recruitment Posters

We feature a superb collection of war 1 posters from in some cases carefully restored to their former glory.

Australian world war 1 recruitment posters. In august 1914 lord kitchener the secretary of state for war realised britain needed a bigger army. Follow your mates enlist. The government was not slow however in attempting to stimulate recruitment in a country where conscription was forbidden.

In addition to posters the government despatched specially inscribed postcards e g. He made a direct appeal to the men of britain. Alongside the usual army recruitment posters you can find the red cross united war campaign and liberty victory loan posters which featured very heavily during the first world war.

Recruitment posters were in abundant supply in australia throughout the first world war. Collected by the public library museum and art gallery of south australia these posters along with broadsheets handbills and stamps now make up state records series grg32 16. World war 1 recruitment and patriotic posters.

Images and stories of nurses have been successful in influencing australian society during times of war. Posters were used as a powerful tool to encourage men to help the war effort by enlisting. Fifty recruitment and war effort posters held by state records give us a unique insight into the mind of the south australian home front during the first world war.

Shackleton s call to australia. Compulsory military service or conscription for eligible men was in force in australia from 1911 however these forces were for home defence and could not be used to serve in a war overseas. Throughout australia s military history recruitment posters have been used to persuade men and women to join one of the wartime services.

Posters were displayed showing him pointing. An australian recruitment poster from world war i depicting two australian soldiers being attacked by a larger german force with one digger on the ground appealing for help. Hasten hurry to the homes of men who had not enlisted to date.

And some relating to the 1916 conscription referendum. Britain became the third nuclear power in the late 1950s. World war 1 posters.

After the second world war the united states and the soviet union continued to develop and test nuclear weapons. We ve digitised the posters from our collection so you can view them online. 1 the earliest recruitment posters the earliest world war i posters in the state library s collections are recruitment ones produced in great britain.

The above poster is a good example of the recruitment posters aimed at women during the second world. There was a rise in protests against nuclear weapons. Australia relied solely on voluntary recruits to serve in the aif.

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