Anti Communist Cold War Propaganda Posters

This is very far from the truth propaganda was very widespread in the western world post ww2.

Anti communist cold war propaganda posters. Was really like to the soviet masses they didn t hold back in portraying the americans collectively as the. Instead the cold war was expressed through weapons development the nuclear arms race technological development the space race espionage and propaganda. Though the artistic style of those campaigns persisted into the immediate post war period this era s propaganda shifted to focus on all aspects of life be they social athletic technological or economic.

Keep in mind that this post is not an analysis but just a showcase of anti communist or pro american propaganda. In these peak cold war decades anti communist sentiment flourished as the u s s former ally the soviet union became its primary enemy. Communist propaganda is the scientific artistic and social promotion of the ideology of communism communist worldview and interests of the communist movement.

See more ideas about propaganda art propaganda posters anti communism. Anti communist propaganda cold war. Western democratic states churned.

During world war ii soviet propaganda posters focused primarily on demonizing nazi germany and celebrating national war efforts. Apr 18 2020 explore kirill fesenko s board posters. The cold war lasted from the end of world war ii right up to the early 1990s although the soviet union and the usa never actually engaged in direct battle.

Litterature and comic books. Dramatic and overwrought anti communist ads and propaganda from the cold war era attempted to inspire loyalty to democracy and fear of the atomic bomb wielding enemy and at the same time somehow soothe americans concerns about the possibility of. Jun 4 2020 explore anh tran s board anti communism on pinterest.

See more ideas about communist propaganda propaganda propaganda posters. When propaganda artists from the ussr were tasked with showing what the u s. What better way than to donate truth dollars to help radio free europe operate.

Look out communists are infiltrating the country with nefarious plans to sterilize our men steal our women and convert children. So of course this menace had to be fought. Comic books provided the perfect platform for the broad strokes of anti communist propaganda.

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